Youth Resources


SafeRx has partnered with The Clearlake Youth center to fund a youth support group based on the 12-step program. The program, called “The Landing”, is space for youth to have support with substance abuse and other life issues.

The Landing occurs once or twice a week at the youth center and generally consists of an informal meal, an icebreaker activity, a lesson/teaching, and then small-group discussions (broken off into female and male groups) where youth can speak honestly about their struggles with substance use as well as other issues they may be struggling with, such as peer pressure, bullying, depression, etc.

The Landing is a safe, confidential space. It is not a place where advice or counseling is given by facilitators and peers, but rather where individuals can be heard, form connections with others, and feel supported.

  • Target ages: 13-19
  • Inclusive of all perspectives/beliefs
  • Lessons are based on decision-making models
  • Can potentially be used by schools to refer students with substance use issues.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating or referring a youth to The Landing Program, please contact the program facilitator:

Taylor O’Connor –

You can also contact us for more questions or for a referral.


Clearlake Youth Center 4750 Golf Ave Clearlake, Ca 95422 (707) 994-5437

The vision of The Clearlake Youth Center is to support Lake County Youth, encourage them to identify their goals and dreams, and to live life to the fullest on a path towards emotional, spiritual, and economic success. The youth center pledges to offer a positive support system where learning and development lead to greater possibilities.

The Center reaches the youth by providing a safe place to explore opportunities that empower them, add value to their lives, develop character, create healthy relationships, and equip them to reach their highest potential.

Services and programs include:

  • Pool tables, Ping Pong, Video Games, Boxing Ring with classes, Basketball, Open Mic, Foosball, Remote Control Race Cars, Music, Free Wi-Fi

For more information on the youth center and its programs, call them at (707) 994-5437.

4750 Golf Ave, Clearlake, CA 95422



Redwood Community Services

Redwood Community Services helps children, youth and adults realize their personal goals and connect to the community around them. From behavioral health to substance abuse, community-based to residential, all RCS programs are built to empower, encourage, and sustain success while providing unconditional care and positive connections.

Services offered include:

  • Community Crisis
  • Homeless Center
  • Adoption and Foster Family
  • Behavior Health
  • Residential Services

(707) 467-2010