What is Narcan, or Naloxone?


What is Naloxone?
Also known by the brand name Narcan, Naloxone is a medicated nasal spray that quickly reverses the effect of opioid drugs in the event of a bad reaction or overdose.

Why do I need Naloxone in my home?
If you have a prescription for an opioid medication in your ho-use, it is a good idea to have Naloxone on hand as a safety measure. Naloxone can be administered to anyone experiencing an overdose or poisoning by opioids, including young children and infants.

How safe is Naloxone?
Naloxone is very safe. If taken accidentally by someone who has not taken an opioid drug, it has no effect.

How do I obtain Naloxone?
Ask your health care provider to prescribe Naloxone when you get an opioid prescription. You can also obtain Naloxone directly from participating pharmacists in Lake County.

For more information: www.narcan.com