Sort It Out!

Be smart… and safe

Here are some recommendations for storing and using your medicines:

  •  Keep your medicines separate from those of your spouse or other family members (for instance, on a different shelf or at least on a separate side of a shelf). This will make it less likely that you take the wrong ones by mistake.
  • You may find it helpful to have a countertop or tabletop near where you keep your medicine so you can open the bottle with it resting on the flat surface. In case you drop your pill, it will land on the tabletop and not be lost down the drain or on the floor. (But be sure not to leave your medicine bottles out on the counter afterwards.)
  • Good lighting near where you store your medicines will help you make sure you are taking the right medicine. Never take medicines in the dark.
  • Keep the medicine in the bottle it came in. The amber color protects the medicine from light. You will also have the information right there about what the medicine is and how often to take it. The label will also have the phone number of the pharmacy so you can call when it is time for a refill.
  • National Council on Patient Information and Education: This flyer contains general information and is not intended to take the place of any advice given by your healthcare professional(s). They know about your specific medical conditions and medicines.