Provider Resources – Medication-Assisted Treatment

Article about Bubrenorphine Updates

Buprenorphine FAQ

  • Everything you need to know about Buprenorphine

Buprenorphine waiver for providers and training

  • Lake County Providers with the DATA 2000 buprenorphine waiver

Medi-Cal Administrator Opioid Guidelines

  • Partnership HealthPlan of California Managing Pain Safely – Provider Education Letter

AH clinic opioid guidelines

  • Adventist Health Clearlake Opioid Prescribing Policy

Resource links

  • For providers with the specifics needed for obtaining buprenorphine waivers, transitioning patients to buprenorphine from full agonist opioids, and billing
  • Specific notes on induction prescribing, including fentanyl bridge
  • Lengthy article describing Abstinence v. Mat treatment for OUD
  • The harm reduction policy of Switzerland and its emphasis on the medicalization of the heroin problem

Letter Urging MAT

  • Letter Encouraging Adoption of MAT to Providers and Doctors

Clinical Guidance For Treating Pregnant and Parenting Women with Opioid Use Disorder and their Infant

Information on Adult Drug Courts and Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence

Resources for clinicians

  • PCSS-MAT Mentor
  • UCSF “Warmline”
  • AAAP Mentoring Program
  • AAAP STR-TA Mentoring
  • CSAM MERF program
  • APA waiver training
  • Project SHOUT

Resources to help prevent opioid drug abuse

Patient Handout


Checklist for Prescribing Opioids


Opioid Prescribing Guidelines


Opioid Facts