Harm Reduction

SafeRx partners with entities and community members to reduce substance-related harm in the community.


Syringe Access: SafeRx has partnered with community members to create Community Outreach Matters, a mobile syringe access program. To find locations where you can gain access to sterile syringes, see our Community Resource Map

Contact: Rebecca Bobrow




You can also gain access to sterile syringes from another local non-profit called Any Positive Change

Contact Annunziata van Voorene:




Naloxone training and distribution: SafeRx offers naloxone trainings and also supplies naloxone to individuals and community entities. Contact us if you would like us to come and do a training or are in need of naloxone.


Drug Disposal: SafeRx provides DisposeRx and Deterra at community outreach events to help individuals dispose of medications safely, and partners with organizations to promote drug take back. See our Community Resource Map to see locations where you can dispose of your medications.