Love, Love & Dance!

On February 9th, 2019, SafeRx hosted a drug- and alcohol-free dance at the Youth Center in Clearlake. In addition to great music by DJ and Youth Center Director Loren Freeman, there was dancing, over-sized Jenga, foosball, virtual reality games, and a photo-booth. Students participated in a raffle where snowboards, gift cards, a PlayStation 4, and other fun prizes were given away.

It’s SafeRx’s hope that similar events will continue to take place at the Youth Center. Andy Tu, the organizer of the event, stated, “The youth had a great time and we went all out with the decorations and prizes. The PS4 winner screamed when she won and almost all the youth stayed until the very last song. The guest speakers, who gave personal testimonies and encouragement to abstain from substance use, were well-weceived with cheers and clapping. SafeRX and the Clearlake Youth Center hope that the youth truly felt the love from their supportive community as they danced the night away.”

Multiple youth expressed that the event was unprecedented in Lake County, and that they were deeply affected by the guest speakers as well as the event itself.