Additional Resources on Narcan

Five Essential Steps For First Responders

  • Steps outlined in this section are recommended to reduce the number of deaths resulting from opioid overdoses

General Overdose Prevention Response Training

  • Detailed instructions on administration Narcan, rescue breathing, and CPR

Naloxone Coprescription Cost Effect

  • Study evaluating the feasibility and effect of implementing naloxone prescription to patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain.

Narcan Training Checklist

  • Key points for training in Narcan

Naloxone Training Flyer Example

Protocol for Pharmacists Furnishing Naloxone

Opioid Overdose Response Instructions

  • Pamphlet-style, concise instructions on administering Narcan with pictures

Safety Advice for Patients & Family Members

  • What Are Opioids?
  • Preventing Overdose
  • If You Suspect an Overdose
  • What Is Naloxone?
  • Naloxone Storage

Naloxone/Narcan availability in Lake County