To create a healthier and safer community by improving the quality of life and functionality of individuals with pain, and reducing harm from prescription drug misuse and abuse through collaborative partnerships that focus on prevention, treatment and recovery.



  • Collaborate with community partners to provide programs, events, and support for Lake County Youth to prevent substance use.
  • Raise awareness among providers and members of the community of risks and benefits of chronic opioid use and alternative treatments.
  • Establish Harm Reduction programs, such as Narcan Distribution and Syringe Access.
  • Champion medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to providers and the community for opioid patients.
  • Partner with Senior Centers to address elderly needs in opioid medication and chronic pain.
  • Analyze local and national data to educate providers and the general public of opioid trends, such as overdose, prescription rates, and diversion trends.


Reduce the deaths due to the use and misuse of prescription painkillers by 50% and improve the quality of life for residents of Lake County by improving access to pain management alternatives by 2020.


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