Welcome to SafeRx! We work to reduce the harm of the opioid crisis in Lake County. We work on many projects within the community that educate parents and children about the consequences of abusing opioids.

We also support patient aimed programs such as, Narcan training, needle exchange, and medication assisted treatment (MAT).



This month we get to welcome our new VISTAs! Molly, Rebecca, and Damjana have joined the SafeRx family! They have interests ranging from working with youth to bringing awareness to human trafficking. They are eager to help fight the opioid crisis here in Lake County!


Rebecca is from Washington State. She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a major in communications and public relations, as well as a minor in sociology. She joined SafeRx because she wants to make healthcare more accessible to those suffering from opioid use disorder.


Molly graduated from CSU Chico with a BA in English. With a strong passion for counseling and helping others, she really enjoys working in the community to help spread awareness and resources regarding opioid use and abuse. Molly also works with Restoration House providing resources to those in treatment facilities, trying to help them reintegrate back into their community.

Damjana is originally from Albania, but lives in Michigan. She attended Tiffin University and received her bachelors in Homeland Security and Terrorism. She joined SafeRx Lake County because she is passionate about the opioid crisis and the human trafficking aspect and wants to bring awareness to the rising epidemic.


Social Media

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Current Projects

MAT Expansion Program – Recently, we received a 2 grants that allows us to build our ambitious Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Expansion Program. The program will help to quickly bridge patients in the hospital to long-term treatment, which may use MAT and /or other necessary therapies.

Youth – We are working with the local youth center to give kids an alternate way to have fun instead of drinking and doing drugs.

Leave – It – Behind Cards – We provide cards with SafeRx’s contact to law enforcement that they can leave on a doorstep of a home that they suspect are in danger due to excessive drug use. The residents of the house can use these cards to call SafeRx to get help if they want it.

Safety Disposal Bins – There are 300 free safety disposal bins, which will be required (and very expensive) in 2020, available for pharmacies in California. The SafeRx team is trying to get as many of these as we can to local pharmacies before the state runs out!